We will strive to attain leadership and excellence in all the products and services that we provide, through socially and environmentally acceptable means.


Be Dynamic: Constantly innovate and find better ways to deliver value to our customers

Constantly Evolve: Improve in every sphere of our activity

Work Passionately: To enhance value to our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders

Be Sustainable: Care for the society and environment around us

Core Values

Passion –    Whatever we do, we do it from the bottom of our heart
Respect –    We respect those who add value to our lives
Integrity –    We never compromise on our values.
Collaborate –    We believe in working towards a unified goal
Ownership –    We take responsibility for all our actions.
Listen –    We listen to both the spoken and unspoken before we act

Quality Policy

We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing best in class products and services to our customers.

We will achieve this through

  • Understanding and meeting our customer’s requirements and applicable legal requirements
  • Total Employee Involvement
  • Systematic training and continuous development of our employees
  • Continually improving the capability of our production processes, work efficiency and effectiveness of the Quality Management Systems
  • Effective Product Life Cycle Management
  • Effective Supplier performance Management

Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to carrying out occupational health, safety and environmental friendly manufacturing and management practices.

We will achieve this through

  • Establishing an accident free environment
  • Implementing  3R (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) Policy
  • Encouraging innovation to prevent environmental pollution, injury and ill-health
  • Complying with all legislations, regulations and other requirements agreed upon
  • Creating awareness on environmental preservation, occupational health and safety amongst all stake holders concerned
  • Continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the environmental and OH &S Management Systems

TPM Policy

Establish an excellent Total Productive Manufacturing system with total involvement of all employees to achieve utilization of all resources.